Best Solar Stocks in India Under 50 in 2024

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After the Central Government budget lot of people searched on social media about the best solar stocks in India under 50 in 2024. so here is the list of best renewable solar energy stocks list under 50 with strong fundamental and Technical base.

Best Solar Stocks in India Under 50 in 2024

List of best solar stocks in India under 50 in 2024.

Overview of Best Solar Stocks in India under 50.

IND Renewable Energy Ltd.

IND Renewal Energy Limited was incorporated in 2001 as Vakharia Power Infrastructure Ltd. Is a leading player in the Indian renewable energy sector and operates in various sectors like Textiles real estate and financial services, including developing Solar Power plants, rooftop solar installation, and microgrids.

Suzlon Energy Ltd.

Suzlon Renewable Energy Limited was incorporated in 1995 by Mr. Tulsi Tanti. Suzlon is a leading manufacturer of wind turbines, offering a wide range of products suitable for drivers’ wind conditions and project requirements.

Urja Global Ltd.

Urja Global Ltd was incorporated in 1992 as “commitment capital service Ltd”. The name of the company was changed to Urja Global Ltd in 2009 to reflect the new focus on energy. The company engaged in various sectors including renewable energy, IT and ITES, tours and travels, and education and training.

Surana Solar Ltd.

Surana Solar Ltd. Was Incorporated in 2006 as Surana Ventures Ltd. Surana Solar Limited engaged in the production of solar photovoltaic models, solar lights, solar water pumps, Lithium-ion batteries, and Solar mounting structures.

Orient Green Energy Ltd.

Orient Green Energy Ltd was incorporated in 2006 in Chennai. the main products of Orient Green Energy Limited are wind power, Biomass power, solar power, and Carbon credits.


Reliance Power is also known as Rpower incorporated in 1995 and the company is engaged in the production of thermal power, renewable energy like solar energy, wind energy, and hydro energy.

Considerations before investing in the best solar energy stocks in India under 50

Company’s financial health

Before investing check the financial details of the company like profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements to understand its financial stability.

Market performance

Check the stock’s previous performance history including its price vitality and past Returns.

Industry Analyzation

Analyze the industry Trend and compare the stock with the industrial Trend to know the future performance of the stock.

Management quality

Understand the management team and their expertise in the field, and track record in managing the business.

Debt level of the company

Check the debt level of the company to better understand financial obligations and risk levels. If the Debt is high then avoid those stocks.

Earning consistency

Check the earning consistency of the company whether the company is generating consistent profit or not. If yes then considered for investment.

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