SBI Share price target 2023,2024,2025 till 2050

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In the article, we going to analysis fundamentals and technicals of a company named SBI. based on these analysis we will you SBI share price target in future. we will discuss SBI’s absolute, technical’s, SBI share price target, long-term investment strategy ETC. hope you will get a complete analysis of SBI share Price in this article.

SBI is the leading public sector bank in India. It was established on 1st July 1955. After the nationalization of the imperial national bank, the bank is named as STATE BANK OF INDIA.  The headquarter of the SBI Mumbai, Maharashtra. And the present chairman is Shri Dinesh Kumar Khara.

The stakeholders of the SBI are RBI which has a 60% stake and the remaining  40% stake was with itself.

SBI now has almost 2,50,000 employees and is the fifth largest employer in India. SBI is now the third Leander after HDFC Bank and ICICI bank.  SBI has 22,219 branches and 62,617 ATMs across the country. The bank had 191 overseas offices spread over 36 countries like Australia, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Botswana, South Korea, South Africa, etc. having the most extensive presence in foreign markets among Indian banks.

Business model:

SBI provides a wide range of services to its customers in the field like mutual funds, insurance products, merchant banking, pension plans, trading facilities, and credit card facilities.

SBI mainly operates in four business areas:

  • Retail banking
  • Wholesale banking
  • Treasury corporate
  • Other banking business

SBI’s non-banking subsidiaries:

  • SBI Capital markets Ltd
  • SBI cards and payments Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • SBI Life Insurance Company Limited
  • SBI Mutual Fund

Fundamentals of SBI

STATE BANK OF INDIA’s stock symbol is SBIN. It is listed on both stock exchanges i.e. Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange.

MARKET CAP:5,35,967.56 Cr.
No. of Shares:892.46 Cr
Dividend yield:1.2%
Book value:315.46
Net Interest income:1,20,707.59Cr.

The valuation of SBI as of now is overvalued. The performance is average.  The growth of the SBI is very strong due to its strong financial conditions.  The profitability of SBI is giving good singles. The entry point of the SBI share is underpriced and it is not in the overbought zone which indicates it is the right time to enter a stock.

NPA % of the SBI decreases year by year which shows the management efficiency. For the last year NPA % was 1.02 %, for the last three years NPA% was 1.58%, and for the last five years, NPA% was 2.7%.

The ROCE of the SBI is  8.27% which indicates how the company utilizes its money.

SBI’s ROE is increasing year by year indicating that investors are generating good returns on their investments.

 The best part of SBI’s share Profit growth is 55.19% which good sign for the company.

SBI Share Holding Pattern:

SBI Holding

The main source of income of the banking sector companies is interest earned on various loans given to individuals and corporate. In the SBI case, it earned Rs. 2,75,457 Cr. Revenue in the last financial year has of poor revenue growth rate of 4.29% in the last 3 years.

The advance growth of SBI is raising year by year reporting 11.16% advance growth this year.

The NPA of the SBI is decreasing signals the recovery of the lending money rate is good.

The capital adequacy ratio is 13.83 which is good for the company.

Technical Analysis of SBI Share Price:

When we look at the chart SBI is now near its previous support of 525 to 540, if SBI sustains this level then the share will break its all-time high of 629. The first target is 731, the second target is 864, the third target is 1088, the fourth target is 1431, and the fifth target is 1915.

Technical Indicators:

based on moving average analysis 50 simple moving average is below 601.88 Rs. 100 simple moving average below 581 Rs. 200 moving average is below 535 daily chart bases it indicates still it is good buying zone.

Market sentiment and view:

Yearminimum pricemaximum price
SBI Share price prediction

State bank of India share price target 2023

The target for share price of SBI is minimum Rs. 521 to maximum Rs. 630.

State bank of India share price target 2024

The target for share price of SBI is minimum Rs. 594 to maximum Rs. 731.

State bank of India share price target 2025

The target for share price of SBI is minimum Rs. 702 maximum Rs. 864.

State bank of India share price target 2030

The target for share price of SBI is minimum Rs. 1322 to max Rs. 1431.

State bank of India share price target 2035

The target for share price of SBI is minimum Rs. 2170 to maximum Rs. 2357.

State bank of India share price target 2040

The target price for share price of SBI is minimum Rs. 2864 to maximum Rs. 3218.

State bank of India share price target 2045

The target price for share price of SBI is minimum Rs. 3753 to maximum Rs. 4269.

State bank of India share price target 2050

The target price for share price of SBI is minimum Rs. 4752 to maximum Rs. 5721.


The all details discussed here are based on SBI’s annual results, technical analysis expectations and on its fundamentals out looks. So basically fundamentally and technically strong stocks should be consider for long term investment. SBI have strong fundamentals as well as strong technical results. For more details you can comment below or email us.

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